SpawnHero RPG:
Game Art

SpawnHero RPG Game Art

For any of the objects above that have a "skin" setting, you can define what graphic you want to use from sprites available in the assets/images directory. Here are all the sprites that are available for you to use: Assets 1 Assets 2 Assets 3 Assets 4 Assets 5 Assets 6 Assets 7 Assets 8 Assets 9 Assets 10 Assets 11

Custom Art

If you want to use original artwork, all you need to do is drop your files into the /assets/images/ directory. Images must be 80 x 80 transparent pngs.

Custom Art Online

If you upload a game that uses custom art, the artwork will not automatically be uploaded. You will need to host your artwork online on your own server and then insert the full url to the sprites in your code before you upload. Pointing to an absolute url for a hosted asset will look something like this: =";

More Art

If you'd like to contribute art to the game to make it available to everyone, contact us, and we can upload it to our assets directory to share with everyone!